You are a vast force.

We exist to unite and amplify vast forces in the collaborative pursuit of grand purpose and the greater good.



Private office suites + Communal hot desking

Who could you be if you had nothing standing in your way? We know that environment is everything and that there is only so much dynamism to be discovered running your business alone off the kitchen bench.

What if you could produce a week worth of work in a single day surrounded by entrepreneurial creatives permeating perimeters and breaking down walls. How could your personal and business growth overflow into family and community. How would that meaning enrich your life and circle back into exponentially renewing passion and creativity? We are obsessed with possibility and purpose, and these are the questions that drive what we do.

Let’s co-work the future. Drive with us, in Yamba’s first ever co-working office space.



Blanc Space is here to expand and broaden all of our thoughts, minds and opportunities. We come together every month to educate our members on new opportunities to help them build and grow their business, to grow our support for environmental and humanitarian solutions in our town and our world.


meetings & conference

Meeting room and conference space.

Focus on the bigger picture with your dedicated meeting space around a communal table for up to 8 individuals.